Veyon 4.5.2 released

Just before the end of this extraordinary year, we have released Veyon 4.5.2. It incorporates the latest UltraVNC server release for better Windows 10 compatibility and fixes a security issue in a 3rdparty component on Linux.

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Veyon 4.5.0 released

We’re proud to announce the release of Veyon 4.5.0 coming with the largest number of improvements and changes we ever had in Veyon 4. Watch the following video to discover the new Slideshow and Spotlight monitoring panels as well as the revised screen sharing features:

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VNC vulnerabilities and how they affect Veyon

Recently Kaspersky has discovered 37 vulnerabilities in popular VNC implementations. More details are available at the Kaspersky ICS CERT website. Since Veyon is based on the VNC protocol and uses several of the examined components it is important to know if and how Veyon is affected by these security issues.

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How we translate our manuals in year 2019

Certainly you already took a look at our online documentation which is a great source of information on how to install and use Veyon. Since the manuals have been written in 2017 for Veyon 4.0 time has come for the documentation to be updated. That’s why we started to completely revise our manuals, both administrator and user manuals. We did not only improve the quality of the texts and updated the screenshots, but also updated the content in anticipation of the upcoming release of Veyon 4.2.

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Season's greetings / Final 4.0.x release

Just before we go on Christmas vacation we would like to let you hear from us again and make an important announcement. First of all thanks to all our customers and users who contributed to our success this year. Your feedback helped us to successfully release and maintain Veyon 4.1.x as well as the upcoming 4.2.x releases. 2019 is expected to be an even better year for Veyon and we’re looking forward to see you on board again.

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