Monitor and remote control all computers


Broadcast your screen to students


Integrate with your network and directory services


Monitor and control.
The classroom is yours.

With Veyon you always have full control over your classroom. You can see all computer screens in an icon view and access individual computers with just one click. Taking screenshots of computers is an one-click operation as well. Draw attention to your lesson by locking all computers and blocking input devices with the help of just one button.


Broadcast your screen.
Demonstrate what's important.

The demo feature allows you to share your (or a student's) screens with all students. This way everyone can watch the screen contents of the presenting person in realtime. There are two demo modes available: In fullscreen mode, all input devices are locked during the presentation. In window mode, users can simultaneously adapt the demonstrated workflow.

Veyon demo feature

Integrate with your network.
Builtin LDAP/AD support.

Veyon can use the information already stored on your LDAP or ActiveDirectory server. Configure the LDAP module once and computer and location information in Veyon will always be kept up to date automatically. For non-AD environments you can choose between the Network Discovery add-on or the builtin directory (statically configured computers and locations).

LDAP support


Veyon Master – main application

Veyon Master screenshot 1

Veyon Master screenshot 2

Veyon Configurator – setup and configuration tool

Veyon Configurator screenshot

Veyon CLI – command line interface tool

Veyon CLI screenshot