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How we translate our manuals in year 2019

Certainly you already took a look at our online documentation which is a great source of information on how to install and use Veyon. Since the manuals have been written in 2017 for Veyon 4.0 time has come for the documentation to be updated. That’s why we started to completely revise our manuals, both administrator and user manuals. We did not only improve the quality of the texts and updated the screenshots, but also updated the content in anticipation of the upcoming release of Veyon 4.2.

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Season's greetings / Final 4.0.x release

Just before we go on Christmas vacation we would like to let you hear from us again and make an important announcement. First of all thanks to all our customers and users who contributed to our success this year. Your feedback helped us to successfully release and maintain Veyon 4.1.x as well as the upcoming 4.2.x releases. 2019 is expected to be an even better year for Veyon and we’re looking forward to see you on board again.

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Roadmap for Veyon in 2019

2018 so far has been a great year for Veyon. The release of Veyon 4.1 marks a milestone with important improvements in all areas. Since then lots of bugs were fixed resulting in several maintenance releases. If you’re wondering what we’re planning for 2019 read on.

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Veyon 4.1 released

About 10 months after we launched Veyon 4.0.0 we’re happy to announce Veyon 4.1.0. First of all we would like to thank everyone who helped to make up this release, especially the people who kept on testing and giving feedback. The new 4.1.x release series brings major improvements and changes, most importantly regarding platform integration and administration. We already blogged about the most notable achievements in previous articles but of course we want to give you a summary of highlights you’ll find in this new release:

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Customize your computer thumbnail arrangement

Maybe you have already read about the new features and improvements coming with Veyon 4.1 in previous articles. You might have noticed that most of the described changes “only” affect internal implementation details, administrative tasks or technical details regarding the operating system integration. While this is basically true we also have goodies for the end user (i.e. teachers). We’d like to present the most notable one in this article.

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