Veyon 4.5.6 released

We’re happy to announce Veyon 4.5.6, the sixth maintenance release of Veyon 4.5.x. This release adds support for nested user groups in Active Directory, comes with security-hardened 3rdparty libraries on Windows and fixes several bugs.

All downloads for this release are available in the download area.

A complete list of changes in detail can be found below:

  • AuthKeys: make import fail when passing a filename as first argument
  • Core: set up application parameters earlier to silence warning
  • Core: fix loading Qt translations on Linux so file dialogs, message boxes etc. are now localized properly
  • Core: configure layout direction based on default locale
  • Core: use uniform button layout for DesktopAccessDialog across all platforms and desktop environments
  • Demo: only start client inside user sessions
  • LDAP: add support for nested user groups (AD only)
  • Linux: fix login key sequence selection
  • Linux: drop Fedora 32 and Ubuntu 16.04 packages
  • Linux: add Fedora 34 package
  • Linux: use libvnccserver provided by distribution if recent enough
  • Master: fix crash when activating computers with invalid/empty hostname
  • Master: indicate invalid/empty host address in tooltip
  • PowerControl, UserSessionControl: improve confirmation dialog when performing operations such as shutdown or reboot on all computers
  • ScreenLock: only lock screen inside user sessions
  • Windows: update libraries (OpenLDAP 2.5.4, Qt 5.12.11 snapshot, libjpeg-turbo 2.1.0, SQLite 3.35.5, ICU 69.1)
  • Windows: rebuild all libraries with full stack protection for hardening against buffer overflows and other security issues
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