Veyon 4.7.0 released

We’re happy to announce Veyon 4.7.0, a new release series for Veyon 4. Veyon 4.7 is the last minor release series of Veyon 4. One of the most long-awaited features is certainly the new screen selection menu in the remote access window. Also the overall performance and responsiveness has been improved thanks to a revised mechanism for sending and receiving control messages. Besides that, several issues from previous versions have been resolved.

In the Veyon Add-ons package you’ll find a preview version of the new Chat module which can be used for free until the end of March 2022. This chat module provides a chat window for teachers and students allowing them to write text messages interactively. The NetworkDiscovery add-on is now able to group hosts by certain parts of the hostname. For this a regular expression can be configured to extract the location and computer display name from the hostname. A computer with the hostname can be shown as c01 inside the location folder r101.

All downloads for this release are available in the download area.

A complete list of changes in detail can be found below:

  • Core
    • Fixed binary compatibility issues between different versions of LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient.
    • Messages in log files (especially debug messages) are now much more human readable.
  • Plugins
    • Demo: Screens in the Demo menu are now displayed with their actual hardware name and connector type/index.
    • LDAP: Fixed querying members of a group when the nested groups option is enabled.
    • TextMessage: Students can now select and copy the text message or parts of it.
    • TextMessage: Rich text (i.e. formatted text including hyperlinks) can now be entered and sent to students.
    • RemoteAccess: For remote computers with multiple screens, a button with a screen selection menu has been added.
    • RemoteAccess: The login name of the remote user is shown in the window title, if the full name is not available.
    • WebAPI: The header field lookup (e.g. for the connection UID) is now case insensitive.
  • Linux
    • The parameter order for the ping utility has been improved.
    • Issues regarding the session identification have been fixed, solving various issues when running veyon-server manually e.g. via autostart entries.
  • Master
    • A regression in Veyon 4.6.0 has been fixed to make the computer and user search case insensitive again.
    • Control messages between computers are now sent asynchronously which improves performance and responsiveness while reducing the CPU load.
    • When closing the program, it now stops all features on the student computers and waits until all corresponding control messages have been sent.
    • A new filter button has been added to show computers with logged on users only.
    • The dialog for confirming actions such as powering off computers only emphasizes ALL computers if all computers are selected.
    • If available, the full name of the user is now preferred in the tooltip.
  • Server
    • Server-side framebuffer update rate control has been added which improves performance and responsive.
  • Windows
    • Added an explicit initialization of the WinSock layer to prevent networking issues.
    • The service control has been made more resilient.
    • The Windows ICMP API is now used to ping computers in favor of calling the external ping utility.
    • Several 3rdparty libraries have been updated (Qt 5.12.12 snapshot, TurboJPEG 2.1.2, OpenLDAP 2.5.10 snapshot)
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