Veyon 4.7.2 released

We’re happy to announce Veyon 4.7.2, the second maintenance release of Veyon 4.7.x. This release fixes several bugs concerning the authentication key handling and improves the window size calculations for remote views windows (remote control window, demo view window, computer zoom window).

All downloads for this release are available in the download area.

A complete list of changes in detail can be found below:

  • Core:
    • VncView: limit preferred size to available desktop geometry (i.e. all monitors)
  • Plugins
    • AuthKeys: use file name only to determine key name
    • AuthKeys: fixed loading key specified through the VEYON_AUTH_KEY_NAME environment variable
    • Demo: in window mode, resize the window according to the available desktop geometry
    • PowerControl: don’t allow aborting the shutdown countdown by pressing Alt+F4
    • RemoteAccess: allow screen switching by tab/backtab (in view-only mode)
    • RemoteAccess: fixed window being created twice
    • RemoteAccess: only update clipboard if a remote access window is opened
    • ScreenLock: resize to available desktop geometry
  • Master
    • Computer zoom: allow screen switching by pressing tab or backtab
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