Veyon 4.5.4 released

We’re happy to announce Veyon 4.5.4, the fourth maintenance release of Veyon 4.5.x. It significantly improves the reliability of the demo mode (screen broadcasting) and contains many improvements in the Veyon Service component on Linux.

All downloads for this release are available in the download area.

A complete list of changes in detail can be found below:

  • Core: fix potential crash due to race condition on shutdown
  • Demo: refactor server shutdown for better reliability
  • Demo: refactor demo server control for better reliability (demo server is now restarted automatically when crashed)
  • Linux: ignore missing DPMS for xrdp sessions
  • Linux: make key sequence for user login via display manager fully configurable
  • Linux: use session path as session ID to avoid missing updates on closed sessions
  • Linux: x11vnc: disable SHM for xrdp sessions
  • Master: improve save/restore of checked locations/computers to better handle dynamic changes when using the NetworkDiscovery add-on
  • Service: always close sessions internally properly so session IDs are reused correctly
  • Service: Linux: prevent service from killing itself in some cases
  • Service: Linux: send SIGINT/SIGTERM/SIGKILL recursively to terminate server instances and child processes more reliably
  • Service: Linux: decrease grace period for server processes
  • Service: Linux: actively stop server for closing sessions
  • Various PCH-related build system improvements
  • Update translations
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