Veyon 4.7.4 released

We’re happy to announce Veyon 4.7.4, the fourth maintenance release of Veyon 4.7.x. This release adds support for Ubuntu 22.04 and Fedora 36. The handling of nested locations has been improved greatly so users of the LDAP Pro add-on now are able to fully use features such as automatic location detection and hiding locations other than the current one. There also have been improvements for multi-monitor setups, e.g. the lock window now covers all screens on Windows.

All downloads for this release are available in the download area.

A complete list of changes in detail can be found below:

  • Core:
    • CMake: fix building libvncclient with OpenSSL 3.0
  • Master
    • Fix location detection with nested locations (e.g. when using LDAP Pro)
    • Fix automatic location switching with nested locations (e.g. when using LDAP Pro)
    • Fix location filtering (only show current location) with nested locations (e.g. when using LDAP Pro)
  • Server
    • Fix broken authentication for Qt6-based builds (e.g. openSUSE Tumbleweed)
  • Plugins
    • RemoteAccess: fix broken display when selecting a secondary screen which is placed left of the primary screen
    • ScreenLock: fix lock window position and size in multi monitor setups – the lock window now covers all screens
  • Windows
    • 3rdparty: UltraVNC: update to
    • 3rdparty: libvncserver: update to 0.9.13-83-g52d943e3
    • 3rdparty: OpenLDAP: update to to 2.6.3
    • 3rdparty: OpenSSL: update to 1.1.1q
  • Linux
    • Add workaround for binutils/GCC/Qt PIE+LTO issue to fix crashes when starting Veyon Configurator and Veyon Server on Ubuntu 22.04
    • UserFunctions: also set GID when running programs as user – fixes access to the user’s tmpdir and potential security issues
    • Add Fedora 36 packages
    • Add Ubuntu 22.04 packages
    • Drop Debian Stretch packages
    • Drop Fedora 34 packages
    • 3rdparty: x11vnc: update to 0.9.16-67-g4e18eee (LibreSSL build fixes)
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