Veyon 4.5.0 released

We’re proud to announce the release of Veyon 4.5.0 coming with the largest number of improvements and changes we ever had in Veyon 4. Watch the following video to discover the new Slideshow and Spotlight monitoring panels as well as the revised screen sharing features:

All downloads for this release are available in the download area.

A complete list of changes in detail can be found below:

  • Core: improve invocation of worker processes for better reliability
  • Core: improve message exchange with worker processes (fixes demo mode not starting properly in some cases)
  • Core: implement session ID management to reuse a session ID after a session has been closed - RDP session IDs (which are increased continuously) are no longer used for calculating server port numbers
  • Core: rename configuration key Service/PrimaryServicePort to Service/VeyonServerPort
  • Core: refactor feature plugin API
  • Configurator: Service: improve session mode configuration UI
  • Configurator: Service: improve network configuration UI
  • Configurator: Master: add option to hide own session
  • Configurator: Master: add computer icon spacing setting
  • Configurator: Master: add computer icon aspect ratio setting
  • Demo: refactor server to be multithreaded which greatly improves performance and responsiveness especially with many clients
  • Demo: add feature to share a user’s screen instead of the own one
  • Demo: reset access token after stopping server
  • Demo: refactor modes (window/fullscreen) as subfeatures displayed in a drop down menu
  • Demo: add feature to share only one of multiple (own) screens
  • FileTransfer: add configuration page allowing to configure source and destination folders
  • Linux: ignore SIGPIPE and continue running normally if a socket is closed unexpectedly
  • Linux: fix missing dependencies in Ubuntu 20.04 package
  • Linux: fix and prefer reboot/poweroff via systemd-logind
  • Linux: fix reboot/poweroff if e.g. /sbin or /usr/sbin is not in PATH
  • Linux: don’t show output of internal systemctl calls
  • Linux: add Debian-gdm as display manager user to properly detect that no user is being logged in
  • Linux: Service: retry server start for sessions in opening state
  • Linux: Service: manually set environment variable XDG_SESSION_ID if pam-systemd is not used
  • Linux: Service: start server instances for active/online sessions only - fixes various issues regarding server start on user login
  • Master: add Slideshow panel
  • Master: add Spotlight panel
  • Master: always adjust the size of computer icons automatically when enabled
  • Master: save and restore states and sizes of panels
  • Master: automatically adjust aspect ratio of computer icons to the original screen sizes
  • Master: update already visible tooltips for computer icons
  • Master: make computer icon spacing configurable and decrease its default value
  • RemoteAccess: show username in window title
  • RemoteAccess: hide toolbar on focus loss
  • ScreenLock: fix lock widget not being shown and thus screen not being locked on some Linux desktops
  • Server: also notify about authentication failure on incomplete authentication attempts
  • Server: add support for external VNC servers without any authentication/password configured
  • Server: improve error handling for VNC server plugins
  • WebAPI: add new plugin offering a RESTful API for accessing Veyon Server instances
  • Windows: disable Interception driver in multi session mode to prevent issues with hanging RDP sessions
  • Windows: refactor service-related debug messages
  • Windows: update 3rdparty component UltraVNC
  • Windows: update libraries (Qt 5.12.11 snapshot, OpenLDAP 2.4.56, OpenSSL 1.1.1h)
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