How we translate our manuals in year 2019

Certainly you already took a look at our online documentation which is a great source of information on how to install and use Veyon. Since the manuals have been written in 2017 for Veyon 4.0 time has come for the documentation to be updated. That’s why we started to completely revise our manuals, both administrator and user manuals. We did not only improve the quality of the texts and updated the screenshots, but also updated the content in anticipation of the upcoming release of Veyon 4.2.

As part of this spring cleaning, we started to use the translation portal on Transifex not only for the software itself, but also for the documentation. Thanks to numerous volunteers from the community all over the world, many parts of the documentation have already been translated into other languages such as Spanish, French, Slovenian and German:

Veyon translations overview

In order to provide the manuals to even more people in their native language, we now need your support. What can you do? Simply register on the Transifex website and join the translation team for your language. If you agree to publish your contributions under the Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0), you can immediately start translating the individual sentences and paragraphs from the manuals through an easy-to-use web interface:

Translating Veyon to German

Each time we update the documentation, we will include and update all contributed translations. A new internal function in Veyon 4.2 automatically generates screenshots for a particular language once the translation for that language is complete. This way, the screenshots are available in each manual in the respective language and can be kept up-to-date without manual effort:

Spanish Veyon User Manual

Thanks to the translation portal and the vibrant community, we have the perfect foundation to continue to grow Veyon as the world’s leading open source classroom management software.

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