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Roadmap for Veyon in 2019

2018 so far has been a great year for Veyon. The release of Veyon 4.1 marks a milestone with important improvements in all areas. Since then lots of bugs were fixed resulting in several maintenance releases. If you’re wondering what we’re planning for 2019 read on.

While Veyon 5 is on the longterm roadmap (coming with a new user interface optimized for touch usage and Android support) we would first like to make you an offer in 2019. Starting with Veyon 4.2 you’ll have the possibility to buy annual subscriptions. While the community edition of Veyon will always remain free OpenSource software all subscribers will enjoy extra benefits. The subscriber edition – licensed per school – will come with more features and additional possibilities for easy deployment and integration:

  • Internet access control allowing to block internet access on student computers

  • Network discovery plugin which continuously scans the network for Veyon clients, suitable especially for dynamic DHCP environments

  • Multi-level hierarchy support for LDAP allowing to reflect nested organizational structures in the tree view in Veyon master, e.g. Campus NN -> Building A -> Room XX.YY -> Computer 05

  • MSI installers and ADMX templates for easy deployment via ActiveDirectory

  • Free e-mail support units and reduced costs for remote support

Interested? Then already plan USD $199 or 169 EUR for your budget in 2019 and look forward to more information in the next months.

Besides that all editions of Veyon 4.2 will feature a file distribution functionality. This will allow teachers to easily distribute documents that students can work on. Additionally broadcasting a student’s screen to all others will be possible with just one click.

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